Andhra Pradesh Solar Power Corporation Private Limited

(A JV Company of Govt of Andhra Pradesh & Govt of India)





Land Acquisition Details:

Out of total land of 5683.22 Acres, 5683.22 Acres was already acquired.

Infrastructure Activities:

Roads & Drains: Works were completed.

Water Supply System: Work is under progress. Works to be completed on 15.02.2018.

Cable Tray Supports: Works were completed.

Boundary Fencing:Works were completed.

Internal Transmission System: 4 Nos of 220/33 kV Pooling Substation and connected Transmission lines. Works were completed and charged.

External Transmission System: 400/220 kV Grid substation at Gani Village in Kurnool District, 2 Nos. 400 kV Bay Extensions and 400 kV QMDC line from existing 400 kV Narnoor (Kurnool) Substation. Works were completed and charged.

Synchronization Details:

M/s SBG Cleantech Project Co; (350 MW) : 182 MW on 24.02.2017, 68 MW on 22.03.2017 & 100 MW on 30.03.2017
M/s SunEdison (M/s Greenko) ( 500 MW): 500 MW on 31.03.2017.
M/s Azure Power: 50 MW on 20.04.2017 & balance 50 MW on 26.05.2017.
M/s Prayatna Developers: 30MW on 28.06.17 and balance 20 MW by 15.07.2017.

Local Area Development :

Rs. 5.0 Lakhs per MW is collected from the developers towards Local Area Development Fund for taking up developmental activities such as permanent drinking water facility, roads & Drains etc., in the affected villages.

80% of the fund is spent in the villages where land is acquired and the balance 20% is spent in the rest of the district.

Preference is given to the qualified people in the affected villages while taking people in the solar projects.

Skill development is also taken up to impart training to the local qualified youth.So far APSPCL has released an amount of Rs. 667.847 Lakhs to the District Collector, Kurnool for constructing drains, culverts and compound walls for Girls high schools and works were completed.




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